Kai Havertz sets his target at Chelsea

The 21 year old German international joined Chelsea in a £72m deal from Bayer Leverkusen. Havertz has had a mixed start to his Chelsea career, with not so impactful performances in certain games while scoring his first professional hat-trick in the EFL Cup competition.

Speaking about his targets at Chelsea Havertz said “The first target, always, is to have success and the main thing is to be healthy and have fun playing football. Then, of course, you have to win titles and we have big players here, a good coach, so our goal is to win titles, that’s the reason why we are all here, and hopefully we can do that.

You are always happiest on the pitch when you win, when you score goals and you make assists. ‘The worst feeling in football is to lose games and play bad – after that you have, like, three days in which you only think about the game before. ‘So the best thing is to make sure you win games, score goals and have fun. That has always been the most important thing for me.”

Speaking on Premier League’s intensity and physicality the German said, “It’s more physical and you won’t find a bad player in the league. Even the teams that play in the lower regions of the league have very good players and it’s all about the technical football. I think every team wants to attack and score goals, so the games are very difficult to win. The whole league is very good – that’s the most different thing here.

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