Graeme Souness praises Reece James

Chelsea registered their fourth win in the Premier League after defeating bottom placed Sheffield United at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea’s full backs had an exceptional evening as Reece James was astute in defence and a constant threat in attack, while Chilwell scored his second goal for the club. Graeme Souness feels James’s performance has gone under the radar following Chilwell’s big money transfer in the summer.

Speaking to Sky Sports Souness said “This happens all the time when you buy a player for a lot of money, all the focus is on him. Ben Chilwell they spent £50 million on a full-back and all the focus is on him. In Reece James, he’s a top player. Given his age, he’s going to get better and better. I’ve not talked about his strength, his pace, his delivery, and in terms of defending he looks like he’s got that already. So you can only see him getting better and better. ‘I asked Ash off-air ‘how strong is he?’ and there’s an incident if you see the third goal where it’s a free kick by Ziyech out by the right-hand side and Max Lowe comes in, fouls him, so it is a foul, and there’s a bit of a coming together and he just rag-dolls him, pushes him like a little boy.

You think of the modern game, if you’re playing against this Liverpool team one of the priorities would be trying to stop Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold because the full-back in a modern game isn’t a defender first and foremost, it’s someone who can do a bit of defender but gets up the pitch and when he gets into the attacking third he can deliver on it. When you get someone who can defend then what a real bonus that is. ‘I think Reece James is all of that. I think he’s got absolutely everything in his game. So for Chelsea it looks like they’ve won the lottery in the full-back positions. ‘He looks like the finished article already at 20.

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