Kevin de Bryune hits back at Roy Keane for Kyle Walker criticism

Roy Keane, the former Manchester United player criticised Kyle Walker for giving away a penalty against Liverpool last week after the defender fouled Sadio Mane in the box. Although the game ended in a draw, Keane was critical of Walker’s performance and said “Mane’s up against an idiot. People tell me Kyle Walker is playing well, I don’t think so. He’s 30 years of age, international player. He’s a car crash, he keeps making these types of mistakes and rightly punished for it.”

Kevin de Bryune has defended Walker and said its unfair to compare the Manchester City defender with Trent Alexander-Arnold as both players have different roles to play in their teams. The Belgian international said “From the moment Kyle came to the team, he has been one of the most consistent performers with us. He is never injured, he plays all the time. He is reliable and is a really good defender. I think the job he does is really good. You can’t compare the work that Kyle does to Trent Alexander-Arnold at Liverpool. Trent is the more offensive player and Kyle has to play a different role for us, but he does it really well.

There is a reason why he is playing all these years at this level for all these teams. What Roy Keane says, he is a different man and everybody knows that. But OK, it is his opinion, and take it on the chin. Walker is going to be fine with it.

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