Bernd Leno reveals Mesut Ozil’s conduct after Premier League omission

Mesut Ozil questioned Arsenal’s loyalty last month after he was not included in the Premier League squad by Mikel Arteta. The German failed to secure a move away from Arsenal this summer, and is destined to see out his remainder of £350,000 weekly wages contract which expires this summer.

Although Ozil is not part of the Premier League squad, Leno revealed the German has not dropped his levels and still remains part of the group. Speaking to BILD the goalkeeper said “Mesut is still a part of the team and trains with us. He is absolutely professional, both on the pitch and in the dressing room. Obviously it’s a disappointing situation for him, but Mesut handles it well and is absolutely loyal.”

Mikel Arteta claims he gave plenty of opportunities for Ozil to prove his worth, and eventually he took the right decision for the club. The Spaniard said “What I can tell you that I tried my best, I tried to give him as many opportunities as I could. And that from my own side, I’ve been patient, given him opportunities and been fair. He’s a player that belongs to a football club, he’s been a really important player in the last few seasons. I have to respect that, I’m here to make decisions, the best decisions for the team and for the club.

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