Lampard confirms Christian Pulisic and Thiago Silva will miss Newcastle clash

Frank Lampard confirmed Chirstian Pulisic and Thiago Silva will miss Newcastle trip as the American is yet to recover from his muscular problem, while the Brazilian returned late from a lengthy journey after participating in international friendlies.

Chelsea, who are unbeaten in their last six Premier League games have the joint highest goal difference along with Tottenham. Speaking at the pre-match press conference Lampard said “Christian Pulisic is not fit for Newcastle but he’s stepped up his training slowly. It’s been quite a problematic injury so we’ll stay cautious. Kai Havertz is back, his isolation is over, tested negative two days ago so he’s just started training with us. More on his own actually, to get individually some of his fitness back, he’s had two weeks at home. Thiago Silva has just landed, he just messaged me this afternoon. So he probably won’t be going to Newcastle because of the length of the journey and timings. We’re still wating on some results from the tests we now have to do as the players arrive back from their internationals. Unfortunately some of our players are arriving back this afternoon, some played last night, so with the 12.30 kick-off on Saturday there’s clearly a lot of challenges for us.

With Ben Chilwell, I haven’t seen him yet. He stayed with England, he was on the bench last night. Obviously he’s getting fantastic care with England so I’ll see him this afternoon, but he was improving – hence he was on the bench. So I am positive that he’ll be okay, but I’ll have to see him later on today or straight after this.

Speaking on Pulisic’s struggles with injury Lampard said “With Christian, we’re still searching. He’s in a position at the moment where he’s had a problematic injury and I think it’s normal. Every player is different, Christian had a history before coming to us of some muscular injuries, he’s had them again. Everything about Christian and how he is around the training ground, how he prepares, how much he wants to play is perfect. So we need to try and find the right balance between playing and resting, and maintenance during the week to try and get the best out of him. He’s a young player still, it’s not abnormal and we will find a solution. I don’t want to make more of it than it is because we want as many games out of Christian as we can possibly get because of his ability, but at the minute he’s injured and in the short term it’s a work in progress. But we have a great medical team here and we’re very much joined up in getting the best out of Christian to get him fit as much as we can.”

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