Mourinho admits ‘strategy’ helped Spurs defeat Manchester City

Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham topped the table for first time since August 2014 as they defeated Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City by 2-0. Tootenham’s disciplined defence and clinical finishing allowed them to lay down the marker as a genuine title challengers this season. Spurs scored with both their shots on target as Harry Kane put in a man-of-the-match performance to record his ninth assist of the season.

Speaking to reporters after the win Mourinho said strategy helped them beat a fantastic Manchester City team. The Spurs manager said “For me, I prefer the players to speak because they are the ones, they were fantastic, they gave everything. They follow a strategy and football sometimes, more than ever, strategy plays an important part. They were amazing. It was very important to respect and not to forget the team they are. If we follow people speaking about them as being not as good as before, if we follow the fake table because they have one match in hand, we would probably be playing in a different way. City is a fantastic team that lost against a team that strategically was very good but City is still City.

Of course, you have to score and we didn’t have many chances. You need a top goalkeeper to make crucial saves in crucial moments, but we knew they would have more of the ball but we would be very comfortable playing that way because we knew the way to do it.”

Mourinho showered praise on his captain Harry Kane for his performance and said “Harry Kane represents the spirit of all the other guys, the way he works for the team is the way all the other ones do it. He’s a fantastic player. Maybe he will be responsible for everyone that loves football to change the way people look at a striker. The tendency is to see how many goals a striker scored. You are as good as how many goals you score. There is a Golden Boot for that. But a striker can be the man of the match. I don’t know who was responsible for giving him that award but I praise them – as a striker can be the man of the match without scoring

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