Arteta acknowledges Arsenal could sack him

A few weeks back things looked perfectly fine for Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal after they defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford since September 2006. However, things have gone downhill since then as the Gunners have collected just one point from three games. The poor run of results sees Arsenal having their worst start to a season after 39 years as they sit in the 14th position after 10 games. Mikel Arteta, who won FA Cup with Arsenal last season admits he could one day be sacked by Arsenal.

Arsenal’s performance was under scrutiny yet again as they succumbed to their third consecutive loss at home this season. Speaking after the defeat to Wolves the Arsenal manager said “It’s something that the day I decided to be a coach I know that one day I will be sacked or leave the football club. I don’t know if it’s the day after I sign my contract, in a month’s time, a year’s time or six months’ time. I never worry about it. My only concern is to get the best out of the players, give the best possible service to the club and become better and better. I know, I repeat, in this profession, one day I will get the sack or leave but I don’t know when that is going to happen.”

Arsenal’s defeat was overshadowed by a horrific clash of heads between David Luiz and Raul Jimenez, with the former receiving stitches and the latter had to be rushed to the hospital for a fractured skull. Luiz returned to the pitch after receiving treatment and undergoing concussion tests, but was eventually replaced at halftime by Rob Holdning. Pundits and fans were critical of the decision to endanger Luiz by allowing him to return to the pitch as blood was seen seeping through the bandage. When questioned about the incident and decision Arteta said “David is OK. He has nasty cut. He was conscious. They did a test for him, he was completely fine, but he was uncomfortable playing with that. But obviously, really worried for Jimenez, because it looked really nasty. We would like to send him our best wishes, our love to him and his family as well. Hopefully it is not as bad as it looks. First of all the doctor all the time has to check – there is a protocol – that he hasn’t lost any consciousness, which he didn’t. They have some tests they have to do before they put him back on the pitch, and then David was just concerned about the cut, nothing else. They will continue to do some checks in the next few hours but he was fine.”

BBC pundit Alan Shearer was unhappy with the decision to allow Luiz to continue and urged the FA to consider concussion substitutes. The former Newcastle United player said “Football needs to get real. It needs to wake up. It needs to get serious, not next year, not next week, now. This has been going on too long. The protocols in football are not acceptable. If he has passed all the protocols, how on earth is he allowed to come back on with a wound bleeding through the bandage. We’re talking about welfare here, cricket does it, NFL does it, rugby. We’re talking about life and death here, players careers ending. It’s been going on far too long. What’s to trial about the concussion substitute, why? Just do it, it’s not acceptable.”

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