Lampard claims Chelsea were handed the toughest draw in Champions League

Chelsea were drawn against Atletico Madrid in one of the standout fixtures of Champions League round of 16. Diego Simeone’s men knocked out Liverpool in the round of 16 last year, and Frank Lampard believes his team have were handed the toughest draw. However, the Blues manager said believing in themselves would be key for his players to compete against a stubborn Atletico Madrid side.

Speaking to reporters on facing Atletico Madrid Lampard said “I think most people will say it’s the toughest draw that we could have had when you go on current form in La Liga, European experience, quality of team and play. Most people would say that. But all draws are difficult in the Champions League. We have to have belief in ourselves. When that game comes round. We’re going to have to beat these sort of teams if you’re going to win the CL, so it is what it is.”

Any draw would be tough but if you look, they’re top of La Liga. I watched them knock Liverpool out last year, who are obviously a great team and have that experience and quality in the squad. I think most people who certainly have said they are one of the toughest teams we could have drawn on paper. But we’ll have to turn up and do our job and be confident we can beat them.”

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