Mourinho says ‘best team lost’ following Liverpool defeat

Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham missed a host of chances against the defending champions and were left to regret after Roberto Firmino scored the winner for Liverpool in the stoppage time. Although Spurs had just two shots on target when compared to Liverpool’s eleven, they had some of the best chances to win the game.

Mourinho claimed Tottenham were the best team on the pitch, but were punished for not taking their chances and killing the game. Speaking on the conversation he had with Jurgen Klopp, the Spurs manager said “The best team lost and he disagreed but that’s his opinion. I told him the best team lost. He disagreed. That’s his opinion. By the way, if I behaved the way on the touchline like he does, I have no chance to stay there – and I’m out after a minute. I’m treated different – and that’s sad.

I think even a draw would have left us not with the best taste because we had them there to win it. It was not just about the big chances, it was the moment of the big chances. The moment was when they were in trouble, in their worst moment, and we had it there to kill it and we missed it.”

Normally, in matches of this level, you pay for it. I thought we were going to pay for it by just taking a point, but in the end, we did not even take a point so it is very disappointing. Looking to the performance, I am happy with the team. I am happy with our proposal, the proposal of going to every match to win it. Sometimes you cannot do it. Sometimes you cannot play better than you did because of the opponent. Today, I really think, in such a difficult game against such a good team, the boys were very good, and we are punished.”

You have to kill matches of this dimension, you just have to kill it. The game was there. We were in the face of the keeper two or three times and you just have to kill it. Steven Bergwijn was face-to-face with the keeper two times, we had the corner when Harry had the free header, we had other counter-attacking situations that we did not finish. We had it, we knew how to hurt them and we should have done much better than we did.”

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