Mourinho blames his players attitude following Leicester defeat

Tottenham, who were second in the table moved swiftly down to fifth after their third defeat of the campaign against Leicester City. A first half penalty from Jamie Vardy and an own goal in the second half from Toby Alderweireld sealed the points for Leicester, who moved to second place, four points behind defending champions Liverpool.

Jose Mourinho was left frustrated with the slow start from his players, but felt his team missed the opportunity to scored in the first half after exerting good control on the game. The Tottenham manager added “We didn’t start well. I could go on the individuals but I don’t. But in our best period in the first half when we were totally in control and had a couple of good chances to score, expecting to go in 0-0 you go with 1-0 down.

Then in the second half we score in our own goal when we had possession and we were in more creation. That was difficult. The reaction was positive. Schmeichel made a couple of important saves but in the end it’s the game we lose with the penalty and the own goal and it looks like, with the result, the opponent was totally in control or better than us but that was not the reality.”

Our performance was not good but it was not like they deserved to win, or we deserved to lose. It was a poor game. The penalty is not a penalty created, it’s a penalty we commit. It’s not something that comes in the sequence of something great. And for me it comes completely unrelated of the context at the time. At the time was our best period in the first half.”

We start bad. The first, let’s say, 20 minutes was a poor performance, some empty spots in terms of pressing, attitude, recovering the ball, I didn’t like at all. But then during the first half we changed, we adapt the positions especially in midfield, the team improved a lot, we had a period of domination, we had a couple of good chances and then the penalty, which for me is out of context of the game at that moment.

Mourinho defended Aurier, who has now given away four penalties this season and claimed the barge on Wesley Fofana was a mistake. He added “I would describe it as a mistake. Not a moment of madness. I have to admit you have to know where you are, that you are inside of the box, the player goes away from your own goal without any kind of danger. I would describe it as a mistake. I know my players. I know my players qualities, I know my players little problems. Serge was phenomenal against Liverpool, probably our best player and today he made this mistake. Did this mistake cost us the three points? I think it’s unfair to say that. If I had to go on individuals I could go on other individuals where the attitude is not what I like, so I have to be honest in my analysis of Serge. It’s a mistake but that’s it.”

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