Lampard slams his players following Arsenal defeat

Frank Lampard has criticised his players for their performances in the derby defeat against Arsenal. Chelsea missed the opportunity to go second in the table after being comprehensively beaten by an young and energetic Arsenal side, who earned their first league win since November 1.

Although Chelsea scored a goal and missed a penalty in the stoppage time, the Gunners were far superior to the Blues and deservedly won the game through goals from Lacazette, Granit Xhaka and Bukayo Saka.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the defeat, Lampard admitted he was angry with his team’s performance and criticised his players for being lazy. The Chelsea manager added “Not good enough. First half not good enough. Second half, yeah, good enough, but mountain to climb and when you attack a game the way we did, attack is definitely the wrong word. But things like the Saka goal happen, because you don’t deserve luck.”

We fought second half, the people that came on added speed, energy, intensity into our game, but that should be a given from the start. I’ll take responsibility on the outside, but the players have to take the responsibility.”

The message was clear: this is a dangerous game for us, talented team, back against the wall, London derby. We were in a good position where we could go second, and they’re in a position where they’re maybe looking downwards.”

That’s a dangerous combination, the players knew that, we prepared for the game. But if you go out and play at 60% or 70%, or a few players play at that level, you’re not going to win any Premier League game.”

I’m angry because I want us to win games and today was an opportunity to go second at a place where they’re having a tough time, and we know how that goes. You either make it more difficult for them or you give them a little opening, a crack, and we did that from minute one and continued to do it for 45 minutes.”

And you get what you deserve. Lazy to give away a penalty. Lazy in terms of giving away a free-kick that he puts in the top corner. I’m very, very disappointed in the way we approached the first half, because some things in football are basics. It’s not tactics or systems, it’s, do you want to run? Do you want to back your teammate up? Do you want to sprint? Or do you want jog? Or maybe you want to say, “Oh maybe I don’t have to run”. We took that decision rather than the right one.”

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