Jurgen Klopp angry after Southampton defeat

Southampton handed Liverpool their second defeat of the season to allow Manchester United take the initiative in the title race. Manchester United, who are level on points with Liverpool could go top of the table with a win against Burnley next Tuesday.

Southampton took an early lead through Danny Ings, and restricted Liverpool to just one shot on target. Liverpool, who have struggled recently to win their games have now picked up just 2 points from the last 3 matches.

Speaking after the defeat, Jurgen Klopp admitted he was angry with his players for their performances, but shared the responsibility of for their recent results. The Liverpool manager added “I know they are great guys, super boys, fantastic football players, but tonight they were not good. If I think they should have done better then I get angry, not for long, but I get angry.”

They know that. It was always like this. Just because they won something in the past, doesn’t mean you are always like this. We don’t have to make it bigger than it is, but we didn’t win the last three games.”

That’s all our fault, mainly my fault, but the boys had a hand as well and we have to change that. If you bring yourself in a situation like you did tonight, against an opponent like Southampton, then you play with fire. Southampton are too good for that, Premier League teams are too good for that, and we don’t score late goals because we did it in the past.”

No, no, you do that because you put them under so much pressure that they cannot cope any more. Southampton tonight were on the edge of that, but we helped them. That’s all. We were not good enough tonight.”

It’s a big frustration, to be honest. Especially because it was so unnecessary. We had a bad start to the game, played completely into Southampton’s hands. We gave the game away in the first few minutes, we have to admit that now, because we were not calm enough to create the opportunities to turn it around.”

The first half was massively influenced by the start, but with the break I think we could settled a little bit. We were dominant in the right areas, had the moments but then the decision-making was not there. We missed the last pass. I heard now that we had only one shot on target, but we had a lot of shots next to the target. It’s our fault, my responsibility, that’s it.

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