Joe Hart hopeful of FA Cup opportunities

Joe Hart, who was signed on a free transfer in the summer is hopeful of playing in the FA Cup against Marine. The Tottenham goalkeeper won the competition with Manchester City in 2010/11 season, but was on the losing side in the 2012/13 finals.

Having featured in all of Tottenham’s Europa League games this season, Joe Hart believes playing in FA Cup would mean everything for him. Speaking to Tottenham’s official website, Joe Hart said “It was my first trophy. Growing up, I didn’t bother dreaming about lifting trophies, I just liked playing football. I didn’t realise the dream when I did it, and I did something that I never really expected to be part of.

It was the first trophy Manchester City had won in years, and it was a big moment.

Marine, based in Crosby, play in the eighth tier, and have won seven rounds to earn their first match against a top flight opponent.

Hart said Spurs must not underestimate Marine, and produce a good performance to win the game. The goalkeeper added “It’s exactly what is says on the tin. This is why we all fell in love with football. I’ll be honest, if I get the chance to play it will still mean everything to me, it always has done and always will do.”

We all talk about football being 11 against 11, and Marine will have exactly the same mindset, which is to try to win the game.”

You have to respect the guys you’re playing against. They will all have their own story of why they are playing at the level they are playing, some guys will be playing above and beyond where they thought they would be, some will have slipped through the net and maybe had the ability to play higher, but have had to settle for what they are doing.”

They are in the ultimate position of just being able to go for it. They will think ‘Spurs will make changes’, and there all the clichés you get with these games in the FA Cup, ‘they don’t fancy it’, all that, and we’ll have to prove them otherwise.”

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