Ozil’s agent hints at Fenerbahce transfer

Mesut Ozil’s 350,000£-a-week contract is set to expire at the end of the season, and the midfielder and his agent are in talks with different clubs for a potential move in January. Mikel Arteta recently admitted the club would allow Ozil to leave if the deal is right for both parties.

The German expressed his desire to play fr Fenerbahce in his recent discussion with fans on Twitter.

Reports recently emerged in Turkey that the Arsenal midfielder will join Turkish giants Fenerbahce, and wear the Number 23 jersey. Ozil’s agent has now admitted his client’s desire to play for Fenerbahce, but insisted nothing is confirmed yet.

Speaking to beIN Sports, Ozil’s agent said “Of course I can’t say too much about this right now because of confidentiality. Even if I want to I couldn’t say too much about this. There’s a short period of time left on Mesut Ozil’s contract. In the summer this contract will finish as everyone knows.”

At the moment Mesut is free to talk to any club he likes. The rules dictate that you can talk to any club once you get into the final six months of your contract. We’re doing this at the moment. We’re in this process.

Within this there are two alternatives. Either we stay until the end of the season and leave later, or after reaching a deal we can leave in January. Basically, there are two options. Both sides appreciate this and obviously both sides need to be happy to strike a deal. Mesut has been working here for nearly eight years. And because of that these things don’t get sorted in one or two days, unfortunately.”

They are going to be handled correctly and professionally. Hopefully between both sides, especially for us and Mesut, no matter what it can be sorted as soon as possible.”

If he comes to Turkey then he will play for Fenerbahce, god willing. Mesut has always said this. Let me tell you he has told me, ‘in my football career I am going to play for Fenerbahce. I’ve been working with him for eight years and we have touched on this topic a few times and Mesut always said, ‘one day I’m going to play for Fenerbahce.”

Like I said, I can’t give you a percentage. As I said a little earlier this is a process. While we’re in the process we have to consider every possibility. To say that something has happened or won’t happened would be wrong. Until the contract has been signed we can’t say anything is finished.

And because of that before we have signed our name on the contract no one can say this deal is finished. At the last moment unbelievable things can come up. Let me put it this way, if it’s good it will happen, but if it’s not good then it won’t happen.

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