Solskjaer praises his team after Burnley win

Manchester United defeated Burnley to go top of the table and take a three point lead against second-placed Liverpool, whom they face on Sunday. United were frustrated with some refereeing decisions, but Pogba’s goal in the 71st minute won the game for the Red Devils.

Speaking after the win, Solskjaer admitted he was happy with his team’s performance and praised Pogba for his impact. The United manager added “I’m very pleased of course. Any time you get three points you are happy. We had to dig in and earn it and we did.”

I’ve not seen the fouls but it must be right – the referee went over to look at it. The disallowed goal – that’s a mistake, we have to be honest.”

The goal was top, great execution and style. Paul Pogba really played well tonight. It would have been easier for us, we should have got the second goal but we don’t do it the easy way.

We feel very confident going into games. Away from home we have really done well. We have to believe in ourselves and we do. We’ve done a great job, it’s good times. It’s a test against the champions who have been fantastic, a great test for us.”

Owing to the rapid increase in Covid-19 cases, Premier League referees have been told to instruct club players not to hug each other during the games. The Premier League chief executive Richard Masters had asked clubs to avoid handshakes, hugs and high fives during the games.

Solskjaer admitted his club will do their best to follow the guidelines, but insisted its difficult for players to control their emotions during a game. The Norwegian added “It’s an emotional game, football, but we have to understand the players when they celebrate. But we also understand the concern nowadays for a bit of less emotion and less hugging.”

But it’s difficult, I have to say. Football brings out the best and the worst in you. When you score you want to celebrate with your teammates. We’ll do our best to keep with the guidelines because we all want football to carry on safely.

Mentally, for people it’s a relief but we understand the situation the country is in.

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