Pogba admits Man United are not at Liverpool’s level yet

Manchester United travel to Anfield to take on the defending champions Liverpool in what is expected to be the title deciding match of the season. United leapfrogged Liverpool to the top of the table after their victory over Burnley on Tuesday, and are on course to challenge for the title they last won in 2013.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Paul Pogba admitted United are still improving, and are not at the same level as the defending champions. The France international added “We have improved a lot, we keep improving but we still have a very young team.”

Obviously we cannot say now we are at the same level as them because they won the Premier League and keep winning so the day we win – that is when we say we are at the same level.”

If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. We want to beat the Premier League winners.

We know how good they have been playing over the last few years – we know their quality and how they play. It’s always been a tough game. We know how difficult it will be and we just have to focus and try to stay at the top.”

I think we can win it if we keep our focus but there’s a lot of teams that can win it – we are not there yet, we are still very far.

On being top of the table

United are at the top of the table at the 17-game mark for the first time since 2013, the year when they last won the Premier League under Sir Alex Fergusson. Pogba said he is relishing the challenge of remaining at the top, and added “That’s why I came back here. It was to go and win.”

Obviously when you come you want to win straight away. But things happen. You try to build, and sometimes things happen you didn’t expect, but it’s for a good reason. Maybe this year we can win it, who knows? It made us improve, know about ourselves, get more experience, so everything happened for a reason.”

In my head you always want to win the first year, second year, the third year, but it’s not as easy as it seems.”

You have teams that have been great as well, our neighbours have been great, everyone is building teams, buying top players, so obviously this league is the best league in the world, and you know it’s not going to be easy.

On his recent form

The France international has been influential in United’s recent unbeaten run, and put in a man-of-the-match performance against Burnley on Tuesday. Speaking on his recent form, Pogba said “I’ve been feeling very good, myself, physically and mentally as well. And I’ve been playing, and when you play you get your form.”

It’s a huge difference when you start one game, and don’t play the other one, or if you don’t play for a few games.”

The team always help the players to be in good form, so the team has been playing very well, helping me and trusting me, with the staff too.”

So I just have to focus on myself and give my best on the pitch. In the left, the right, the middle, striker, defender, wherever I am on the pitch I give my best, that’s all I can do for my team.”

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