Fulham vs Man United – Solskjaer pre-match briefing

Manchester United travel away from home to face Fulham, who have lost just once in their last six matches. United maintained their position at the top of the table after the goalless draw at Anfield, and would be hoping to take all three points from South West London on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters ahead of their game against Fulham, Solskjaer provided updates on injuries, transfers, concern over lack of goals, and record against top six teams.

On transfers

“I don’t wanna go into individuals but we can probably allow one or two more to go out but the strength we have is we have a deep squad, strength in depth, we don’t wanna give our advantage away by easing off on our players, I can’t give you a better answer than that.

On injuries

Well, we’ve not got test results from COVID and it’s almost 30 hours ago, so hope we get them soon. Everyone trained this morning. Brandon and Phil Jones didn’t train and the rest were on the pitch.”

On lack of scoring goals

“I think this season we’ve scored more goals, created more chances than before, it’s a matter of time until those margins that were against us against Liverpool tip our way again. Relationships are working better, the foundation will always be the hard work and the shape and at Manchester United we are expected to create chances from everywhere.”

On record against top six

“Of course we’ve had some tight games against the teams around us this season, it’s gonna be tight. Tottenham are the only team around us who have beaten us, not conceded Chelsea, City, Liverpool. Built some defensive momentum and if you keep on winning the games we have done lately I think we’ve got a good chance of staying competitive towards the end.”

On Fulham

I think they’ve had a good turnaround from a slow start, they’ve made some very good signings towards the end of the window and they’re very well coached. Scott and the team trust their own organisation, team shape, and it’s one of the hardest teams to break down. Hard enough to go to Craven Cottage anyway but at the moment they’re really well structured on and off the ball, quick strong players defensively and players that can make the difference. Another tough game in the Premier League.”

On Bruno’s potential burnout

His form is very good, just voted Player of the Month. Not tired, no, no chance. He is one of the players that runs and covers the ground every single game, good at recharging his batteries, and if he scored his free-kick, if it just had a little air on the ball when Luke put the cross in he’d have been lauded as best player in Premier League again.”

He’s been immense. He’s not tired and if I ask him he’ll say there’s no chance he’s tired. He’s expected to create goals, score goals and sometimes the margins are against him.”

That free-kick, thought that was in, some passes he plays are marginal, on or off, he’s always on the verge of creating something when he loses the ball and that’s what he’s been told to do, I want him to play the passes he sees.”

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