Lampard worried after Leicester defeat

Frank Lampard’s Chelsea suffered their fifth defeat in eight matches to slide further down the table after being at the top in the beginning of December. The Blues were brushed aside by a confident Leicester side, who capitalised on Chelsea’s defensive mistakes to move to the top of the table.

Chelsea’s shambolic performance has put Frank Lampard under intense pressure, as the Blues have now picked up just 7 points from a possible 24. Speaking after the defeat, Lampard admitted he was worried about his team’s performance. The Chelsea manager added “It’s not where we want to be.”

I am worried. From the form we were in to get so quickly in to the form we’re in now, even with the Fulham win and some other wins in there, we should be better than losing five in eight.

It’s a young team. They won’t be feeling nice. I’m not against the lads in the dressing room. They will have learned a lesson.”

We were beaten by a better team. They were sharper than us, they ran more than us, they looked like a team in form and we looked like a team out of form.”

We were asleep in moments. I felt like there were quite a lot of moments in the first half where our sharpness wasn’t there.”

The basics and bare minimums are to run, sprint and cover ground, and too many of our players didn’t do it.”

Pressure due to recent results

Lampard dismissed questions about his future at Chelsea after suffering his fifth defeat in eight league matches. He added “I can’t get caught up in what the reaction will be because I’d be sitting here all day concerned about it.”

I’m not the only manager to be put under this pressure but the good thing for me is I’m good at handling pressure.”

The general theme was slower, more sluggish. It was lacking confidence but also lacking a bit of desire to run. When a team is confident, they look like Leicester. Or like we did a month ago. The very clear message to the players is when you’re playing well, if you relax a little bit, then this game kicks you right up the backside.”

There are players who are not playing as well as they should be. They are the only ones who can deal with that. How you handle setbacks is what defines you.”

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