Klopp dismisses rumours ahead of Champions League tie

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has quashed rumours about him leaving the job following a run of poor results. The Reds’ title defence took another blow after they lost their third consecutive game in the league following a 3-1 defeat to Leicester City.

Having been knocked out of the EFL Cup, FA Cup and most certainly from the title race, the Champions League provides a good opportunity for Liverpool to end the season on a high. Liverpool, who won the competition in 2019, take on German outfit RB Leipzig in the round of 16 on Tuesday.

On rumours about him leaving the job

I don’t need a break. Look, the last thing I want to do is to talk about private things in a press conference, but everybody knows privately we had a tough time – that was not only over three weeks, it was for a much longer time and we always deal with it as a family.”

“I’ve worked in football for 30 years and as a coach for 20 years. I can split things and switch off. I don’t carry things around. If I’m private, I’m private, if I’m football and in my workplace, then I’m here.”

Of course, we are influenced by things that happen around us but nobody has to worry about me. I might not look like this because the weather’s not good, my beard gets more and more grey, yes I don’t sleep a lot, but I’m full of energy. The situation’s a challenge. I see it as an interesting challenge.”

A lot of people are obviously not happy with the results, I get that and I’m responsible for that, but we have still played some pretty good stuff. You can forget that, but we cannot because that’s the start of changing.”

It’s a massive challenge. I’m ready, the boys are ready and we’ll give absolutely everything to solve this. I’m very grateful for all the support, but nobody has to worry about me.”

“We will solve this challenge by playing football and fighting with all we have. That’s the plan we have.”

Message to fans

We do it for our people. I’d prefer to fight this fight with our people in the stadium so we can show real unity and togetherness. We fight together still but in different places.”

Thanks for all the support, people tell me about it (on the banner). I am very grateful for it. But they can think about other things as nobody needs to worry about me.

I heard about both – the banner is nice but not necessary. I don’t need special support at the moment.

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