Everton vs Man City – Pre-match briefing – Guardiola

Table toppers Manchester City could extend their lead at the top of the table by 10 points by defeating Everton on Wednesday. Manchester United, who are second in the table, dropped points against West Brom after a 1-1 draw, while Leicester defeated reigning champions Liverpool to go level on points with United.

Speaking ahead of their game against Everton, Pep Guardiola answered questions on injuries, Everton, City’s form and more.

On injuries

Sergio is one year injured, so cannot start from the beginning but is ready to come back, was on bench last game and will be again. When he can return he will do. Gundo is much better but might be too soon tomorrow.”

De Bryune – “Getting better, really getting better. Today he did all training with the group. He’s better

On Everton and Carlo Ancelotti

Everton always has been one of the greatest teams in England. This season is much better than previous seasons. It’s normal, Carlos knows his players much better and the club. Like all the teams, Manchester City included, they have ups and downs, it’s normal. But the quality from Carlo is always there.

On defensive stability

Always I have headaches to choose the best XI. At the end it’s not just about the back four, everybody’s involved but we can’t deny the back four. Last two games Aymer was brilliant, especially John and Ruben were outstanding. Joao and Mendy in the cup and Aleks and Kyle. Everybody’s doing well, hopefully we can continue this way. Our secret is to be consistent in behind, good game plans, attack as much as possible to win the games.”

On City’s form this season

We never get the perfection, what we have done, the 16 games in a row or 10, 11 in the Premier League, is a consequence of thinking of the next one and preparing the best as possible. The reality is the games, two months ago we were not in any thoughts for any person that we could win the Premier League, now it looks like we are the only contenders. Seven points when you have to play 15 games left, 45 points left still to play, a lot of things can happen. The only thing in my head is how to beat Everton. The middle of February, there a lot of points to play and many things can happen, we will drop points for sure. That is the moment I am expecting and looking for a reaction from all of us.”

On John Stones

I said many times, he organised his life, an incredible professional, he’s not injured, he was every month in previous seasons that’s why we had the problems, exceptional. He turned the situation himself. In this situation the managers can’t help. He decide to become top football player and it is what it is.

On Champions league game

No-one has thought about Borussia Monchengladbach. I know we are going to face them, but what we have done so far is about thinking the next one. That’s Everton. We are not able to think about Arsenal then after Arsenal., in London we have three days we are going to think about Monchengladbach. Not one thought, honestly. Everton is the important one. You know I try to involve all the players, I rotate a lot of the players to keep everyone involved and fit for all the competitions and all the games. For a long time we’ve had every three or four days, so we need everyone. In the next two games I’ll try to play as many players as possible, not because of Monchengladbach, just for the fact because I love to let them play as much as possible and it will not be an exception the next two games.”

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