Mourinho confident of arresting Tottenham’s slump

Jose Mourinho is the latest manager to feel the pressure of managerial sack after Tottenham’s poor run of results. Spurs have lost five of their last six games in the league, and sit 9 points adrift fourth-placed West Ham.

Having been touted as one of the title contenders for the season after their breezy start to the campaign, Spurs have struggled to pick up points, and have now conceded most number of points from a winning position.

Speaking ahead of their second-leg game against Wolfsberger, a defiant Mourinho admitted his relationship with club chairman Daniel Levy remains strong. Asked if he was better equipped to handle the poor run, Mourinho said “Thank god I’m not the manager I was. Probably, I wouldn’t be as calm, confident and in control of my emotions.

Sometimes during my career I had problems not in relation to results. As you know, I didn’t have many bad runs.”

Day-by-day problems happened many times and I reacted previously in a much more emotional way. As an example, I left Chelsea as a champion.”

Maybe age and experience makes you realise that we are better equipped to cope with negative moments. I am calm, I am in control of my emotions. My nature doesn’t change. If I lose a game, of course I am not happy, but maturity helps.”

I feel very confident and I believe we are going to improve and I will be in Tottenham history for the good reasons and not the bad reasons.”

It’s a positive thing that you say I’m not used to it, but I want to know: Which coach, at the end of his career, can say that everything was blue sky and never a little bit grey, cloudy or even dark?

Unless it’s a coach that was always in dominant clubs where that club is the top club in a country, then it is more difficult to have difficult moments.

Does this make me happy? No. Does this make me depressed? Not at all. It’s a challenge.”

The fact that I’m giving them hard work but not the results is something that hurts me. I believe that I can give it. I gave it everywhere I’ve been and I want to do it. I’m more motivated than ever.

“I‘ve never felt what normally coaches feel when the results are bad. Normally the coaches are lonely. In this building, I’ve never felt that. I feel positive. I am not unhappy. I wake up in the morning and I want to come back to work.”

On relationship with Daniel Levy

My relationship is the same since day one which is one of respect and open communication. We respect each other. There is no contradiction between us because we both feel the same.

I believe we all feel the same feelings. Nobody is happy, nobody is depressed and everybody feels we are going to do better.

On Gareth Bale

He doesn’t need to convince me. It’s about playing the minutes I would love him to play. It’s a process.”

You see the number of matches he played in previous years. He had a positive impact, he had a cross, a couple of assists, he had a shot, he hit the post.”

He’s doing that better but he’s not playing 90 minutes. We are managing his evolution. He has nothing to convince me of.”

I can tell you that in this moment Gareth is playing the minutes that he feels he can and what he wants and we want is to play more matches than he did and more crucial matches than he did.”

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