Guardiola slams VAR after Southampton win

Pep Guardiola criticised VAR for not awarding a penalty for McCarthy’s foul on Phil Foden in their 5-2 win against Southampton. The Southampton goalkeeper appeared to have brought down the City forward after failing to control a back pass from his defender. However, VAR waived off the appeals from Man City, much to the dismay of Pep Guardiola.

Speaking after the game Guardiola criticised the decision to not award a penalty for his team. The Spaniard added “Referees are professionals, they have to do their jobs. We are happy with 5-2 but at that moment it was 1-1 in a tough game and they were better than us. The penalty is incredible. The goal from Fulham disallowed against Tottenham. I don’t have anything against Tottenham but I don’t understand how it was disallowed.”

I don’t understand Arsenal not getting a penalty against Burnley. I don’t have anything against Burnley and Sean Dyche. There are things I don’t understand.”

Maybe one day they will explain with VAR and the hands. Hopefully one day they can explain what is going on. Today the penalty – oh my god. Jon, the referee, cannot see it? OK. The linesman cannot see it but if the VAR can’t see it it is because – oh my god.”

Guaridola praised Phil Foden for staying on his feet despite McCarthy’s challenge, and said “The thing that made me so proud is the honesty from Phil and the second is what we have achieved these four or five years.

All we have achieved is because we are Manchester City – we did it for ourselves so big compliment to the players but the penalty is incredible.”

On asked if it would be helpful to have former players on VAR, Guardiola said “What is this about former players? Sky told me they made a zoom [close-up] of the action between Phil and the keeper, so why former players?

In my time here in four or five years, I haven’t used referees [to help us]. I just want football to to be more clear and make the right decisions. We won 5-2. If we lost 5-2 I don’t make any comment. The comments must be given when you win. If not, it looks like an excuse. You have to ask the right people why they do it.

Source: The Guardian

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