Mourinho criticises his players after Arsenal defeat

Jose Mourinho slammed his players for their lack of intensity in the North London derby as they were defeated 1-2 by Arsenal. Eric Lamela gave Spurs the lead through a scintillating rabona strike, but was later sent off for a needless bit of aggression in the second half.

Although Harry Kane hit the woodwork in the 90th minute, Spurs were very passive in their approach throughout the game. Arsenal took the game to Spurs, as they hit the woodwork twice, and troubled Tottenham’s defence for most parts of the game.

Speaking to reporters after the game Mourinho admitted Arsenal were the better team, and Spurs lacked intensity to cope up with the pressure.

On lack of intensity in the first half

I agree. 200 per cent agree. I was trying to understand but I agree totally. Very, very poor first half.The only two things that were positive in the first half were an amazing goal and the result. The result because 1-1 was not a fair reflection of that first half where they dominated us.

We didn’t have defensive intensity to press and to run, to be really aggressive and to win duels and second balls. We didn’t have any of that.”

We also didn’t have the intensity to play. Everybody was dropping back to have the ball at their feet and nobody was attacking the gap, apart from Lucas with some individual actions, we were not like that.”

On big players not performing

Big players, big players they are all. You know you play for Tottenham and you are a big player. Playing in a London derby you are a big player. Playing in the Premier League you are a big player.”

It’s not that I’m pointing the finger to Player A, B or C, even pointing the finger to myself because we are a team. We don’t try to individualise. We like to do that when someone plays amazingly. It’s beautiful to do that but when the team is as poor as we were, we don’t point the finger at anyone.”

On their performance

We are a team, it is about us, and not about individuals, or about experience or about position. We, as a team, we had a very poor first half, period. I will analyse why, I will try of course to go through it. But just in a very simple pragmatic way. Worse than our first half, only Michael Oliver and Paul Tierney, the decision for giving the penalty. The only thing worse than our first half.”

On Son’s injury

I don’t know how long it is. Is muscular. Muscular is always not easy. He’s a guy that normally he recovers very very well from any kind of injury. And that’s football. That’s accumulation of matches.”

In Europa League I gave him 30 minutes rest, so 90 minus 30 is 60, but 60 is still 60. And when you are in so many competitions, some players they have more minutes than others, which is normal, something that can happen.


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