Klopp insists Liverpool are not seeking revenge against Real Madrid

Jurgen Klopp has said Liverpool are not looking for a revenge against 2018 Champions League winners Real Madrid tomorrow in the quarterfinal 1st leg. Both teams face each other for the first time since 2018 Champions League final in Kiev, where Real Madrid claimed a 3-1 win against Klopp’s men.

The defeat to Real Madrid is still remembered by many due to the controversial challenge by Sergio Ramos on Mohamed Salah, which resulted in the Egyptian being withdrawn early in the game due to a shoulder injury. However, the Real Madrid captain is set to miss out on both legs of the quarterfinal tie due to an injury suffered in the World Cup qualifiers for Spain.

Speaking ahead of their game against Real Madrid, Jurgen Klopp said his team are now more capable of facing an attacking side, like Real Madrid. The Liverpool manager added “My motivation is at the highest level, we play Real Madrid in the Champions League to get to the next round, it’s not because of 2018.”

But when we get the draw and I see we face them for the first time since then, of course I remember the game. I said it at the time, if someone asked me a week after the game if I would invite Sergio Ramos to my birthday, I would say no. Meanwhile, I would think it about it again now.”

I did not like what happened that night, it was a strange night, but it was long ago. I cannot get that feeling back, that anger or whatever, so I don’t even try.”

We are not on a revenge tour here. Life is like this, you try everything to win a game, you lose it and then you meet your opponent again one day. Sometimes it’s close enough and you can meet a week or two later and have this kind of emotion still in you.”

I don’t believe too much in revenge but it would be nice to get through against Real Madrid because that would mean we are in the next round and that’s what we actually want to do.”

We were good in the [2018] game but Real came back. Actually, our team is built for this type of game. We are facing a football-playing side which helps. We face a football-playing side which is very helpful for football in general but for our kind of defending as well and that’s why we have a chance.”

Klopp said he is happy for Liverpool to be considered as underdogs, and added “I heard outside already everybody says Real Madrid is favourite. Great, no problem at all with that. They are used to the role and we have no problem with the role of the challenger.”

We want to give it a proper try. We know we were really good that night but 25 minutes being really good in a final, it was never enough. But it was a different time, we were in a different place, a lot of things have happened.”

Source: Sky Sports

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