Mourinho laments lack of quality for dropped points this season

Having dropped 18 points from a winning position this season in the Premier League, Jose Mourinho has said the poor results are due to Spurs’ lack of quality. Once renowned for his defensive masterclass, Mourinho has seen his side ship 35 goals this season.

The defeat against Manchester United at home has put Mourinho under enormous pressure as Spurs are six points behind fourth-placed West in the race for top four. Speaking ahead of their game against Everton, Mourinho admitted he might never discuss about certain issues at Tottenham. The Spurs manager added “I know also that you can look at it from a different perspective. A team that starts matches well, starts winning matches, means something positive that you like to forget.”

The positive aspect of that, but I agree with you in the sense that when you are in winning positions and lose points, there are also negative things to it.”

That’s what I’m not ready to discuss with you. I think it has to do with some of our qualities as a team, but I’m not ready to discuss with you.”

While the possibilities of finishing in top four look quite challenging, Spurs could still qualify for next season’s Europa League if they manage to defeat Manchester City in the League Cup final later this month. Mourinho admitted the League Cup final is an important game in Spurs’ season, but insisted the focus is on tomorrow’s game at Goodison Park. The Portuguese added, “A big nine days, and they’re going to end with a cup final, which for all of us is going to be an important moment.”

We are not depending on the Goodison result to go with the best feeling to the final, but the final is still a little bit far. The Goodison match is very important. The distance between the teams is short, they have one match in hand. They have similar objectives.”

They are going to fight with us and other clubs to try [and get] the best possible position. We need to focus totally on a very difficult match. We’re very close to each other, but there are more clubs. Some with more points, some with less, but still with more than 20 points on the table I think it’s still open.”

This kind of match stops the loser getting the points, so understandably I don’t think anything will be decided there, but if one of the two teams wins, they get an advantage that can be important in the direct duel – not in relation to the others around.”

Source: Sky Sports

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