Tuchel claims he doesn’t need an apology from Chelsea board

Chelsea Head Coach Thomas Tuchel has admitted he doesn’t need any apology from the Chelsea board for the club’s involvement in European Super League. All the English clubs withdrew from the controversial league after fans, pundits and players condemned the move.

Thomas Tuchel and his team bus were blocked by protesting Chelsea fans in front of Stamford Bridge ahead of their game against Brighton on Tuesday. Speaking to reporters ahead of the London derby against West Ham, Tuchel admitted the pre-match scenes affected him and his team.

However, the German insisted he was more concentrated on their game against West Ham, which could prove pivotal in the race for top four. He added “Yes it has been distracting, but it’s the owner’s club, it’s not my club.”

There’s no need to apologise to me directly, my job is to adapt to the circumstances. And were we distracted? Yeah clearly. Me personally I arrived in a state of mind on Tuesday at the stadium that was clearly not the mindset that I normally arrive in, for a match.”

But that’s already in the past, and like I said, I don’t think they need to apologise to me.”

I had so much information that until the day of the match and after the match, I gave myself the luxury of not reading or watching any news about anything.”

The thing [Super League] is off and the situation is now clear and that helps me as a coach to allow me to prepare for an important match. I have had enough pre-match and post-match questions about it and now it does not even exist, so I am happy to move on.”

Tuchel believes there will be no problem for the clubs to connect with their fans again following the fallout from European Super League. The Chelsea Head Coach added “I think that the people and the fans know very, very well that it’s also the credit from the owners who improve their clubs, build strong clubs and make the most competitive league in the world.”

So I think they appreciate that very, very well. People can read very clearly also and can divide one thing from another, and they express their opinion on this decision. They were absolutely not happy, the fans obviously.”

But I don’t think it affects, in general, the opinion of what, for example, our owner of this club does for the community, does for the academy, for the women’s team and for the first team.”

I’m sure that everybody sees what our owner and the owners of the ‘big six’ clubs do. They are a big part of the competition [Premier League] and this is the competition everyone envies.”

Source: Sky Sports

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