Azpilicueta hoping to win the FA Cup for fans

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta is eager to give the fans a memorable moment to enjoy by winning the FA Cup against Leicester City on Saturday. The final at Wembley will be attended by fans of both teams, similar to the League Cup final last month.

Speaking to Chelsea’s official website, Azpilicueta expressed his delight on the prospect of playing in front of the fans. The Chelsea defender said “It’s so special to have the fans back. Hopefully the game we played against Arsenal will be the last time we have empty stadiums. To have the fans back in a final as well, everybody is looking forward to that.”

We are very pleased to be joined again so we can share these moments and when you look back on the last year playing in empty stadiums, it has been tough for everybody. Now, hopefully, we can give the fans a moment of joy and we can share it all together.”

Having lost the FA Cup final to Arsenal last season, Azpilicutea insists he doesn’t need any motivation to win the competition this time around. The Spaniard added “You don’t need extra motivation when you arrive in the final of the FA Cup. We know how special it is in the country, for our club as well, and for me.”

It was a bad feeling last season and we want to come back like in 2017, when we lost the final and came back the following year and we won the cup. I hope this year we can replicate that because when you arrive in the final you want to win and be successful.”

I gave away the penalty and got injured, as a team we didn’t perform at our level. We were 1-0 up and we had the game in our hands, and we let it go. We were not at our best level and the guys that were here last year want to change that result and hopefully, we can take that in a positive way to be ready and even more motivated, even though you don’t need to be motivated for these games.”

With the season drawing to an end, Chelsea have a couple of massive weeks ahead as they try to secure top four in the league, followed by the Champions League final against Manchester City. However, the Chelsea captain insists he and his team are ready to fight for glory. The defender added “We have two weeks of big games.”

We have had this for the last few weeks already, playing a lot and playing big games, so we know that we have to be really focused. We have four big games in front of us, but we have everything in our hands.”

We know that we have to fight for it, that they are going to be difficult games, but we have to stay positive. When you have a defeat like we had on Wednesday it’s difficult to accept, but we have to be brave and take the next step, which starts at Wembley.

Source: Chelsea FC

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