Frank Lampard praises Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has praised Thomas Tuchel after helping the Blues reach finals of FA Cup and Champions League. Having succeeded Lampard at Chelsea, Tuchel has sparked a remarkable turnaround as the Blues look to secure top four on Sunday against Aston Villa.

Tuchel revealed during his initial days at Chelsea about the message he received from Lampard after the Blues legend was sacked in January. Speaking to The Times about it, the former midfielder said “I just felt it the right thing to do.”

When you’re young you’re very self-consumed, you just want to be the best, you get very competitive about everybody. As you mature and you realise going to Chelsea the job might not last for ever, for me the only way to have long-term success and actually do the right thing is by acting right and showing people the right respect.

I remember Tuchel leaving PSG two months before and it was the talk of the training ground when we came in one day as we had a lot of French players, French-speaking players, and then he comes into Chelsea. I haven’t met him.”

The right thing to do is to wish him luck with the club that’s my club, that I played for for so long and had just managed. I’m still in touch with staff there. The things I hear about him are very positive. He comes across very well. He’s obviously a top-class manager.

I appreciated his words last week, giving me credit for the first half of the season, and he’s taking it on and I’ll give him credit for that as well because to reach two finals and to be in contention for the top four, it is a big achievement from a top manager. I happily would [meet him].

He’s much busier than me at the minute so I’ll leave him be for the next couple of weeks.

Source: Metro

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