Jurgen Klopp takes a swipe at Man City

Jurgen Klopp has claimed Manchester City wouldn’t have won the title had they faced the injury crisis as Liverpool did. Having lost Virgil Van-Dijk early in the season, Liverpool’s centre-back crisis deepened after Joe Gomez and Joel Matip suffered season ending injuries.

Speaking to reporters ahead of their crucial game against Crystal Palace, Jurgen Klopp claimed his team have put in great performances to be in a position to qualify for next season’s Champions League. The German added “So a football team is like an orchestra where plenty of people work together and if you lose one piece you might be able to still do it, but if you lose two then it becomes difficult.

It is how I said before this year, with the amount of injuries we have had it was not the year to become champions. No chance. For nobody.”

As good as they are, if City have their three centre-halves out, no [they don’t win the league]. Three centre-halves of United, no. For the whole season pretty much too, that is how it is

We have fought back a bit, accepted the difficulties and made the best of it, and if we win on Sunday, and if we qualify for the Champions League, then we made the best of it. That is it.”

Ask Manchester United now if at the moment they like the Europa League (they are in the final) and they would say ‘yes’. They love to play the final and have the chance to win. So we already did kind of a job but not the one we wanted to do.”

Jurgen Klopp praised his team’s resilience after bouncing back to be in contention for top four finish. He added “Yes it means as much to me [as the title win]. It is clear we wouldn’t come to this situation if the boys wouldn’t have showed this kind of character. They have very special character.”

Sometimes we suffer things, we don’t have a lot of influence on that. That’s why things go the wrong way, but I never question the character or the mentality of this team.”

If you ever questioned the character of the players in a not so good period, you have to ask yourself why you did that. The boys proved it now millions of times, it’s not about their mentality or character if something has gone wrong.”

Going through tough periods makes you stronger as a unit and in that time we didn’t get distracted. Nothing came between us.”

Yes we had our moments, players were not in the best shape or the best mood. I was not in the best mood, but we always found a way to stick together.

We never blamed each other or pointed a finger at each other and said, ‘It is because of you or you’. So whatever happens on Sunday, we found our way out to bring us to this situation.

Source: Sky Sports

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