Denmark vs Finland Euro 2020 game suspended

The Euro 2020 game between Denmark and Finland had to be suspended after Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed onto the turf without any players around him. Players from both teams and referee immediately signalled the medics, who rushed onto the scene to address the situation.

The medical team were seen administering CPR on the Dane while his teammates formed a shield to provide privacy and prevent media from capturing the horrific moments. Distraught players were seen shedding tears and hoping and praying for the midfielder to be okay.

Finland players were shocked by the incident, and were seen standing respectfully away from the player to allow medics perform their tasks. Video replays showed Eriksen going forward to receive a throw-in, but ended up collapsing face first on the turf.

TV broadcasts showed a lady, presumably Eriksen’s wife or partner, rushing onto the field in tears, and was seen comforted by Simon Kjaer and Kasper Schmeichel.

UEFA later confirmed that Eriksen was transferred to hospital, and is in a stable condition. A Tweet from UEFA stated “Following the medical emergency involving Denmark’s player Christian Eriksen, a crisis meeting has taken place with both teams and match officials and further information will be communicated at 19:45 CET.”

“The player has been transferred to the hospital and has been stabilised.”

Fans around the world have criticised TV broadcasters on the coverage of this incident, prioritising increase in their ratings rather than respecting the privacy of a family and the situation they were in.

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