Lampard opens up on Chelsea’s Champions League win

Former Chelsea manager and club legend Frank Lampard has praised Thomas Tuchel yet again for winning the Champions League. Having replaced Lampard in January, the German inspired a remarkable turnaround to help Chelsea secure a top four finish, and win Champions League by defeating Manchester City.

Speaking to BBC, Lampard admitted he was disappointed to lose the job, but credited Tuchel for a fantastic season. The Blues legend said “Obviously, you never want to lose your job, I’m in pretty good company at Chelsea, it happens, it’s the brutal reality of football at the top level.”

With reflection, it’s been nice to spend some time out of the game. I’m pretty proud of the job I did, it was an honour to manage the club. I came in at a tough time with the [transfer] ban and loss of Eden Hazard.”

Worked really hard in year one to get into the Champions League and Mason [Mount] and people like that, developing young players was a huge deal for me. I’m happy, you don’t want to lose your job but it was a huge experience for me.”

Asked if he would have done anything differently, Lampard said “I can probably sit down and talk to you about a lot of things, that’s a manager’s job, there will be a lot of things you can do differently.”

I’m very proud of year one, in year two there were different expectations, different complications. Every team had problems this year, as did we and I left my job. I can’t go back and look back in a negative way. I only want to use it to look positively going forward.”

Lampard admitted he had mixed feelings seeing Chelsea win the Champions League after helping them win their group stage. He added “Yeah, you work towards something you want to be there, you want to be the manager.”

I’ll never try to lay claim to that. I was part of the early foundation, potentially, but Thomas did a fantastic job getting them there.”

I will say when I watched it, firstly I’m a Chelsea person, the Chelsea fans are happy and the club deserves that. And secondly to see Mount and Reece [James] perform at that level, people like [Edouard] Mendy, [Ben] Chilwell and Thiago [Silva] who came in in my time there, makes me pretty proud.”

Again, it was a great achievement by them and very well managed.”

Source: Metro

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