Mourinho insists previous experiences have made him better

Former Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that his previous experiences at various clubs have made him a much better manager now. The Portuguese is considered one of the most successful managers, with success in Serie A, Premier League and La Liga.

Mourinho, who was appointed as the new manager of Italian club AS Roma insisted he is much better now due to the experiences from various leagues. He added “I’m much better now. I’m serious – because I think this is a job where experience means a lot. Experience makes everything look like deja vu because you went through so many experiences since I left Italy.”

I went to Real Madrid which was an incredible experience, where I reached my dream of winning in Italy, England and Spain. Then back to England where my family is based and of course I wanted to come.”

“I even have extreme experience of taking a team to a final and not playing the final which is something I thought would never happen in my career and it happened. So with so many experiences and learning with the good moments and with the bad moments, I am much more prepared now than I was.”

Mourinho was greeted cheerfully by the Roma fans on his first day at the club, and he is hopeful to bring success to the club. The former Spurs manager said “Hopefully success arrives with me because the contract is a three-year contract – my first with AS Roma. Maybe there is a second one day.”

It’s a job where you can only get better until the day where you lose your motivation which I think is the only thing that can make a football coach decide to stop or it’s not enough or to stop learning. That’s not my case. I’m very far from it.”

I’m learning every day so I think I’m much better. And it’s one thing to come to a country for the first time where you arrive in level zero and you have everything to learn about it. In my case of course that’s not the case.”

I know Italy as a country and as a football culture. I know something about Roma because in my Italian time Roma was the real rival and the team which was close to us fighting for the titles.”

Source: Daily Mail

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