Rafael Benitez hoping to bring success to Everton

Everton manager Rafael Benitez has claimed bringing success to Everton will win over the fans who were against his appointment. The former Liverpool manager was appointed as the Everton manager last month despite protests from some Everton fans.

Benitez, who called Everton “a small club” during his time at Liverpool insisted it was nothing more than an act to defend his club back then. Speaking to reporters he said “It was a long time ago.”

If you are the manager, you have to defend your club in any context. In this case, I will fight for Everton, I will try to do my best every single game, and I will try to compete against anyone.”

I know how the team finished last year, and we will try to be sure that we can do better. We can talk the talk, but I prefer to walk the walk and hopefully everyone will be happy, starting with me. If I am happy, the fans will be very happy too.”

Benitez also revealed he has been receiving supportive messages from the fans despite a section of them remaining unhappy about his appointment. He added “The Evertonians around my place, they are quite happy and they were very supportive.”

Even the Liverpool fans were accepting that there is a chance for me to come back to the Premier League to compete for something, so it was quite good. Talking about the banner we can talk about one, two people, you never know. So then I think it’s better to think about positives, how a lot of people were encouraging me to do well, I’m happy with that.”

Even when I decided to start talking [to Everton], I was convinced that this is a great opportunity. So it’s not something that I am scared of, the opposite. I want to do well. And what that means is to win.”

The former Liverpool manager insisted he would try to instil the winning mentality after Everton finished outside of the European places last season. He added “I have had conversations with senior players and am really pleased because they are ambitious and all of them realise that something is missing.”

It’s just the winning mentality that has to be there from the first day to the last day. Normally when you win trophies and you compete for something, it’s at the end of season, you have to be stronger. I’m confident we will do it.”

Source: BBC

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