Bruno Fernandes targeting a good start this season

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes insists the Red Devils need a good start to the season to be in contention for trophies this season. Despite finish last season without a trophy, the Portuguese was the standout performer for United last season helping the Red Devils finish second in the league.

Having joined his United teammates at Carrington after an extended summer break, the midfielder admitted the presence of fans in the stadium will definitely help his team this season. Speaking to United’s official website Fernandes said “It’s been rare to have fans at the stadium. When I played at the Euros we played the first and third games with full stadiums and the feeling was really nice. We all know playing without fans is not the same.”

We can say we love playing football and it doesn’t matter about the conditions you play in, but having the fans back and having the excitement from them gives you a little push when you need it. We are lucky to have them back.

I hope that can change with our home games, but also it didn’t change with our away games – I hope we can perform well at home and, as I said, the fans will push us. When you need that little push and you feel tired, they will help you have that little bit more energy and I think that will help us perform a little bit better and have a little bit more power in our legs and to have that belief to give them something to enjoy.”

The midfielder expressed his excitement on the new summer signings – Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane, and insisted everyone in United will try to help them get settled soon. He added “Of course, we always want to help the ones who come into the club. Anyone who comes into the club to be part of the group will get help from everyone because as we always say it’s like a family here.”

We are together for a long, long time and the season will be long and we hope it will be as long as possible so we can win some trophies and at the same time we want to help everyone to be settled in the team. That’s really important as I said before, we want this club and this group to be like a family and we will do everything to do that.”

We are really happy with everyone that is coming in and of course to keep the lads who have been here the last few seasons is important because you have to grow up and at the same time you have to keep the same players to know we are doing better and better. With this team, we know we can do better, but adding some players to the team helps the team be better.

Speaking on targets for new season, Fernandes said “Last season we didn’t start well and then by January we were first in the league. Of course with the six points we lost straightaway we could be a little bit closer to the first place and still be first in February, so it’s always good to start winning games as it gives you that push and confidence you need to go game-by-game to try to win every one.”

It’s time to take the next step and we know we can do it; we believe in that and we want to do that. I hope everyone knows, of course, what we want to do. No player at this club doesn’t want to win trophies, that’s for sure and sometimes things go well and other times not, but we will keep fighting to win every trophy we can. It doesn’t matter which trophy it is, when you play for a club like Manchester United you have to win every competition you are in.”

Source: Manchester United FC

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