Edu calls for unity amidst poor start to the season

Arsenal Technical Director Edu has called for unity amongst players and fans to overcome the poor start to the season. The Gunners are rock bottom in the table after defeats to Brentford, Chelsea and Manchester City, and are yet to score a goal this season.

Having been the biggest spenders in transfer window this season, there is a huge expectation from Mikel Arteta and Edu to improve on their last season performance, where they finished 8th in the table. However, Arsenal have struggled in their first three games and looked far from anything of previous years. Although they missed some of their key players due to injuries and illness, the performances against Chelsea and Manchester City have raised questions on Arteta’s tactics and game plan.

Arsenal’s technical director Edu has come out defending Arteta and has called for unity amongst players and fans to overcome the rough patch. Speaking to Arsenal’s official website Edu said “It’s a very uncomfortable situation to be in. I understand the reaction of the fans and the media, I respect that.”

We are where we never [want] to be. But we have to work to leave this situation. There are some reasons why we are there, we have to accept that, we have to recognise the reasons. So now let’s put the team together, let’s play together and let’s see the team together because until now we haven’t had the opportunity to see the team. Let’s support them and let’s be together.”

I always say, in these periods, when you are exposed, it’s really easy for everybody to come and hit us. No problem, we have to accept that. But it is our responsibility as well in this period to be together, to work and go through this difficult moment. So these kind of moments are important as well because you see who is who. Who wants to fight. Who wants to step forward and say now we want to change it.”

We have the team to change it, we have the fans to change it, we have the right coach to change it, we have the right players to change it. So now is a good moment to be together, to work as a team, to step forward and say, ‘Listen guys, we have to change it as soon as possible’

Having signed six players, all aged 23 or less, Edu insisted the focus is on future with respect to squad balance and composition. He added “We signed six players, all the six are under the age of 23 so that is the direction you go to try to consolidate the direction of the squad, to try to give to the squad more balance and more future as well. But what I would like people to understand is the big picture, because if you see a year ago we started to make some decisions in this direction so we renewed Bukayo Saka, and renewed Martinelli in this period as well just to give them  some direction in the way you try to go.”

Just to give you some context, we renewed – in one year – five sets of contracts, and five of them are under the age of 23 for the first team. Then, in this period, summer to summer, we signed 10 players and seven out of the 10 are under 23 as well.”

So what I would like to explain is that is is not about this summer, it is about the project. It is about what we want to do. We have started the project, we are in the middle, so it is not just one window and go, it is window, window, window, window.”

We have to consider every single step, now is another one, I think in this one we consolidated a big step, I am really pleased because the players we signed are what we are looking for, so I see, and Mikel [sees] a much more balanced squad in terms of age, profile and in terms of some players who can get a lot of responsibility like Thomas, Granit, Aubameyang, Lacazette.”

We see the balance in the squad is much better, but again this is not the end. People have to understand we are still on the journey to go where this club deserves to be.”

Source: Arsenal

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