Arteta hoping to build on Norwich win

Arsenal finally secured a win in the league after narrowly defeating Norwich 1-0 at home to move 16th in the table. Having lost the first three games, Arteta was under huge pressure to turn things around after the international break.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the trip to Burnley Arteta insisted the players are happy and the confidence is building after the Norwich win. The Spaniard added “They’ve been even better because winning always helps, the boys were happy because we experienced the reaction of the fans towards the team on the day and winning the first match and getting out of the blocks in the Premier League was a big part of our next moment, so very happy.”

On asked about the team news and injuries, Arteta said “Hopefully we get some players back, everyone trained well this week. Obviously we still have Granit suspended, and the rest hopefully will be fine. Partey has been training in and out this week, his load had to be managed because it was the early stages of the injury, what he had, but he is pushing everyone like he always does and he wants to be involved. We will make the decision at the weekend of what is best for him.”

Aaron Ramsdale, who replaced Leno in the win against Norwich is expected to keep his place when Arsenal visit Burnely. On asked about Leno’s reaction, Arteta said “It’s the same in every position. We want them to make each other better. We are competing against opponents, we are not competing against each other here. We are just trying to bring in players that raise the level of the players who is playing that position, the level of the team, the level of the club and this is the only reason.

Obviously for Bernd, it wasn’t a pleasing communication to tell him he wasn’t playing but he is a top professional and a top person so he should be disappointed but he should support his team-mate like they all do with him every time he has played, and that’s exactly what he has done.”

Arteta admitted it has been a tough couple of months with the results and amount of injuries to cope with. However, the Arsenal manager insisted he is hopeful of turning things around. The Spaniard added “Life brings you things and you cannot decide it. There are certain things that you cannot control. What is coming to you is coming for a reason. Sometimes we don’t want to see it, but it’s coming for a reason – and it’s probably for the right reason. Then it’s about how you take it and how you respond to that.”

The way that everyone around me responded is the way that I responded. That’s why it’s been fine. It’s tough because it hurts, because you want to see something different. But what you want is not always what happens. Things happen for a reason and maybe what is happening had to happen and [maybe] it’s going to be really good for the club and really good for myself and everybody experiencing that situation. We have to believe that.”

I can really see the light. I’m telling you I’m very positive most of the time. I’ve seen the light and I can see bright lights. There can be bumps in the road within that light, but I can see a lot of light..

Source: Arsenal FC

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