Christensen opens up on his journey from Academy to first team

Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen has opened up on his experiences and success after transitioning from the Academy to first team. Christensen, who has played under several managers for Chelsea is close to signing a contract extension with the club after playing a key role in the club’s success last season.

Speaking to Chelsea’s official website the Denmark international admitted it is hard for a young player to come over to the first team from Academy. He added “It’s hard for a young player to come over the road from the Academy. At the time, you are so nervous. You want to show what qualities you’ve got and make sure they can see a future for you.”

I just remember taking it all in, every session, not only from the manager but the players that were here. I came the season after we won the Champions League in 2012. All the players that were there had experienced different things, so I just tried to take everything in.”

I was quite lucky we had a few of us training a lot with the first team: Nathan Ake, Lewis Baker, Ruben, me. That made the transition a little bit easier. At the same time, you are young, so you don’t really think about the consequences too much when you’re that young. You know you won’t play a Premier League game straightaway, so you’re just enjoying training and taking it all in.”

The defender emphasised the importance of going out on loan to Borussia Monchengladbach as it allowed him to learn and grow before returning back to Chelsea. The defender added “It was the first big step I took. I joined the first team here, but I was 18, so I knew I wasn’t really going to get the games I needed to keep developing. Having not played any regular first team football, the Bundesliga seemed right for me, and it turned out to be.”

It was only supposed to be a year, but I wanted to make it two years so I had one year to learn the league and the second year to really push for it. I ended up playing the first year as well, so it was perfect for me. It also made me grow as a person. I still lived in digs when I was here. Living on your own does something to you, it’s hard to explain what it is, but you have to take care of yourself and be ready to perform.”

Having already played against Tuchel’s team in the Bundesliga, Christensen insisted he knew very well how the current Chelsea Head Coach prefers to play. He added “We played against each other in the Bundesliga. I know what kind of football he likes. I just try to listen and do what he wants, be myself, play my game and so far it’s been working out.”

Source: Chelsea FC

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