Daniel James opens up on Leeds transfer

Wales international Daniel James admitted he lost his place in the starting XI at Manchester United due to being too risk averse. The forward enjoyed a superb start to his career at Man United after scoring three goals in the first four games of the first season, but stalled as the season progressed. James decidedContinue reading “Daniel James opens up on Leeds transfer”

Daniel James joins Leeds United

Wales international Daniel James has sealed a permanent transfer to Leeds United by signing a five year contract from Manchester United for £25m. James, who started the two of United’s first three Premier League games this season decided to moved to Leeds after the return of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus. James almost joined Leeds UnitedContinue reading “Daniel James joins Leeds United”

Lampard claims Leeds game is a big test for Chelsea

Frank Lampard and Marcelo Bielsa face each other for the first time in Premier League after having a controversial chapter in Championship two years back. Lampard, who was then the Derby County manager was critical of Bielsa during the Spygate scandal after the Leeds manager had sent a member of his staff to spy onContinue reading “Lampard claims Leeds game is a big test for Chelsea”